Top 15 Coolest USB Drives For Geeks and Tech Nerds

In today’s digital age, information has never been easier to access and transfer. With so much data being made every second in the form of documents, images, videos, and what not – keeping them handy in a mini drive is the perfect solution to making it all accessible!

Apart from being a humble facilitator of data safety, flash drives are now a statement of geeky persona – hanging from the keychain or the backpacks! If you’re looking for the best flash drives on the market, look no further! This article has put together some of the best flash drives out there – from their storage capacity to their color range and, most importantly, because of how cool they look.

Who said your USB gadgets couldn’t look and be cool? With these flash drives, you can have your cake and eat it too! Impress your friends the next time you take out your cool USB drive and have it reflect your personality exactly!

Top 15 Flash drives – Comparison Chart

Listed below is a comparison chart to help break down the bare bones of each flash drive, so it’s easier for you to figure out which is the best flash drive that fits your needs by comparing the dimensions, their storage capacity, the colors they come in and any unique feature about them.

NameDimensionsStorage CapacityColorsUnique Feature
LONMAX Walnut Heart USB1.97 x 1.97 x 0.39 in16 – 32 GBWalnut BrownHeart Shaped USB
KFYM Cat Claw USB Drive2.9 x 1.6 x 0.6 in32 GBSilver & BlackCat Paw Design
GARRULAX USB Flash Drive4.1 x 3.1 x 0.4 in16 – 32 GBMultiColored Crystal Design
Heart Key Shaped Memory Stick1.65 x 0.32 x 0.64 in32 – 64 GBBronzeKey Shaped Design
NEWQ Fingerprint Flash Drive5.1 x 4.7 x 0.6 in32 – 128 GBSilverFingerprint Scanning Technology
GARRULAX Shark USB Flash Drive  5 x 3 x 0.4 in16 – 32 GBGreyCute Shark Shape
GARRULAX Gamepad USB Flash Drive  5.2 x 3 x 0.2 in16 – 32 GBBlackCute Gamepad Shape
GARRULAX Cat USB Flash Drive  5.5 x 3 x 0.1 in16 – 32 GBBlackCute Cat Shape
Aneew Sewing Machine Thumbdrive  5.2 x 3.1 x 0.9 in32 GBGreenCute Vintage Sewing Machine Shape
Enfain Cassette USB  4.8 x 3.5 x 1.1 in16 GBBlackCute Cassette Shape
Tribe Iron Man Flash Drive  5 x 3.5 x 5 in  16 – 32 GB    Multi  Cute Superhero Designs  
GARRULAX Pineapple USB Flash Drive5.2 x 3 x 0.6 in    16 – 32 GBYellowCute Pineapple Design
GARRULAX Owl USB Flash Drive4.8 x 1.3 x 0.2 in16 – 32 GBRedCute Owl Design
Cryptex USB Flash Drive   7 x 2.2 x 2.2 in32 GBAntique GoldUnique Code, Steampunk Design
EcooDisk Heart Flash Drive  1.57 x 0.51 x 1.57 in16 – 128 GBSilverNecklace Pendant Design

List of Recommended Flash Drives:

To help you find the coolest flash drives, I’ve put together a list of flash drives with different properties depending on which aspect could appeal to you – whether it’s performance or a fancy style, there is a USB flash drive for each occasion. Read on to find which one is perfect for you!

  1. Best Flash drives for Geeks: GARRULAX Gamepad USB Flash Drive

“The cartoon shape design is different from traditional USB Flash Drives – both cute and unique, it’ll cheer up the working day!”

“Featured design-cartoon cat claw design, metal mini shell, waterproof and anti-shock.”

“Our Cryptex looks steampunk, victorian and industrial, helps prevent data theft, and adds an element of a game and fun into everyday life!”

“Give a unique gift to your bridesmaids, husband, best man, friend or coworker. Take the opportunity and store text picture video in the wooden flash drive.”

“The diamond design is different from traditional USB Flash Drive!  A cute, novelty USB to help cheer up the working day!”

“Made with crystal and metal, it’s both beautiful and fashionable. It is not just a useful memory stick; it’s also an elegant necklace.”

“360 degree omnidirectional fingerprint recognition. Finger touch the fingerprint area, and the top speed fingerprint recognition will accurately identify in 0.5 seconds, and quickly display the encrypted area.”

 Review of the Top 15 Coolest Flash drives for Geeks:

Flash drives or USBs have the ability of being both functional and, as time has passed, they have also become a way for us to express ourselves while simultaneously getting the job done.

But because Flash drives have become so wide-scale, it is often difficult to choose between them. Not anymore! Below are the reviews on the top 15 Flash drives – specially handpicked because of their unique, cute and cool designs – making it easier to find the perfect Flash drives either for yourself or a special geek in your life.

1. LONMAX Walnut Heart USB

LONMAX Walnut Heart USB

As far as Flash drives go, this one is admittedly not the absolute best in the market. But it is an amazing novelty flash drive, either for yourself or a loved one. It has adequate speeds and a fair amount of storage, so if you are looking to gift it on to someone special, the LONMAX is highly recommended.

2. KFYM Cat Claw USB Drive

KFYM Cat Claw USB Drive

If you, or the geek in your life, loves cats, this is the perfect USB for you! With good performance, plenty of space and good speeds, the KFYM is one of the best gifts – so treat yourself or your loved one to this frankly awesome flash Drive! And it’s also 5-proof, meaning it can take quite a bit, adding to its durability. Check out these reviews to find out more!

3. GARRULAX USB Flash Drive


The GARRULAX is for anyone who wants decent speeds alongside a unique design to result in an unusual Flash Drive. The diamonds come in different colors and this USB is perfect for gifts or even for yourself – especially if you want to differentiate your Flash drives from others. These reviews should help you make up your mind if this USB is for you.

4. Heart Key Shaped Memory Stick

Heart Key Shaped Memory Stick

BorlterClamp’s Memory Stick is designed to look like a key and has a small heart engraved to the side. Give this Memory stick to the special geek in your life to show how much you love and cherish them! They can keep all their documents under lock and ‘key’ quite literally. Check out these reviews for more!

5. NEWQ Fingerprint Flash Drive

NEWQ Fingerprint Flash Drive

The NEWQ’s Flash Drive is amongst the coolest flash drives on this list because of the fingerprint scan technology it has. With this USB, you can keep all your files safe and secure and impress all of your friends with its security feature. These reviews talk about it more.

6. GARRULAX Shark USB Flash Drive

GARRULAX Shark USB Flash Drive

If you or a geek in your life loved Jaws or is just a fan of deep-sea creatures, this USB is just the thing. With an adorable Shark design, the GARRULAX Shark USB is one of the cutest flash drives on the list. Check out these reviews if you don’t believe me!

7. GARRULAX Gamepad USB Flash Drive

GARRULAX Gamepad USB Flash Drive

Another from GARRULAX, if you know a gamer geek, or are one yourself, then this USB is the perfect gift for them. In the shape of a game controller, this USB can show off your favorite hobby while being useful too. To find out more about the USB, check out these reviews.

8. GARRULAX Cat USB Flash Drive

GARRULAX Cat USB Flash Drive

GARRULAX understands that people want unique flash drives which is why they come up with so many. The Cat Flash Drive is another such example, with an adorable black cat mold for you or anyone you know who loves cats so much, they want to carry all their important documents on one. Check out these reviews for more!

9. Aneew Sewing Machine Thumb Drive

Aneew Sewing Machine Thumb Drive

For those busy people in our lives who have a passion for sewing, Aneew has come up with an adorable, novelty USB in the shape of a sewing machine that can carry their important files and show off their favorite hobby in one fell swoop! To find out more, check out these reviews!

10. Enfain Cassette USB

Enfain Cassette USB

If you or the geek in your life love to live a certain aesthetic, this retro cassette shaped USB is just the thing! With its incredible design and cunning USB placement, you can impress friends and family with the cleverly shaped USB. Check out these reviews for more!

11. Tribe Iron Man Flash Drive

Tribe Iron Man Flash Drive

A lot of us grew up with comic book superheroes as our idols and even as adults we love to carry around tokens of this favorite time in our childhood. Tribe’s Superhero USB collection allows you to choose from a variety of your favorite superheroes in the shapes of USB, they’re the ultimate geek flash drive! Check out these reviews!

12. GARRULAX Pineapple USB Flash Drive

GARRULAX Pineapple USB Flash Drive

GARRULAX has USB for all of us – including the health nuts amongst us. With their pineapple-shaped USBs, they remind you to have your 5-daily while you do your important work. Check out these reviews to find out more about this USB!

13. GARRULAX Owl USB Flash Drive

GARRULAX Owl USB Flash Drive

For the night owls amongst us, GARRULAX has a USB flash drive that speaks right to us. With their adorable Owl shaped USB drive, you can show off your favorite bird or soul animal while you transfer important work documents. Check out these reviews for more!

14. Cryptex USB Flash Drive

Cryptex USB Flash Drive

Some of us like logic puzzles and solving codes, and for those of us who do, there is a USB that can reflect just that! With its unparalleled design and unique code locking system, this is one of the most awesome flash drives on the market! Check out these reviews if you don’t believe me!

15. EcooDisk Heart Flash Drive

EcooDisk Heart Flash Drive

The EcooDisk Flash Drive combines fashion with practicality. Gift this to your favorite person or significant other not only to show that you care but also because it’s not just a piece of jewelry – it’s functional too. Check out these reviews for more!

Buying Guide

Before buying anything, it’s a good practice to research up about it. Doing this research will help you make an educated decision when the time comes. Here are some basic aspects to keep in mind before you proceed with your purchase to ensure you have gotten the very best that your money can buy.

Size Doesn’t Matter

When it comes to our phones and CPUs, smaller, sleeker is preferred – it doesn’t take up too much space and it’s aesthetically pleasing. The same cannot be said for Flash Drives, not exactly. Because thinner and smaller doesn’t correlate to a better USB – often times, the writing/reading speeds suffer due to a smaller size.

Space and Price

The very first thing to understand about USBs is that space and price are not directly proportional. A lot of things go into pricing a USB and if two USBs have the same space but different prices, check to see what type of USB it is. 3.0/3.1 are far faster than 2.0 and newer tech, leading to an increase in price. But if two USB 2.0s cost different prices despite containing the same storage, check to make sure you aren’t being ripped off.

USB Sturdiness

When USB manufactures talk about the resilience and durability of their USBs, these aren’t hollow words. Because of their small size, Flash Drives are susceptible to a lot of abuse and a more durable USB will obviously survive more than a non-durable one. So pay attention to what sort of material makes up the USB you’re buying. Plastics may be cheaper, but the metallic ones can keep going for longer.


Can you use USBs indefinitely?

No, you can’t, because USBs have a lifespan, usually between 3000-5000 cycles. There’s no need to worry though! The numbers may seem small, but this means it would take four years to use the USB twice every day for it to die. So unless you’re using your USB as a portable PC, this isn’t anything to worry about.

Does a USB have security?

Most standard USBs don’t usually come with security, but it is now becoming a popular selling point for some manufacturers. Otherwise, you can install a security program yourself or encrypt your files to keep them safe.

Are USBs and SSDs the same thing?

The simple answer is: yes, they are. SSDs are of a higher quality than USBs because their speeds and storage are often far superior than USBs, but if you went into the schematics and details, you’d find subtle differences between the two.

Is there a storage limit?

As time goes by, USBs are being created that can store massive amounts of data. Currently, you can have USBs that can store a staggering 1-2TB of information. A decade back, those numbers were only dreamt of. And who knows, as time goes by, USBs could be able to store even more information.

Does temperature matter?

Yes, operating temperature matters a lot. It can damage or even destroy the delicate processor in the USB as well as the storage units – running a risk of removing any data you have on it. If a USB has a certain temperature range, adhere to it.

Our Top Pick

Our top Flash Drive pick of the bunch has to be the LONMAX Walnut Heart USB. Not only because it comes in a special gift box so you can make the presentation extra special, but because it has a unique shape and it is a good USB with fast speeds and plenty of storage. So whether it is for yourself or a loved one, our suggestion would be to get the LONMAX Walnut Heart USB.


With technology advancing at the rate it is, who knows what the future holds for the humble USB. Will it grow smaller? Impossibly faster? With a quantum technology in the works, what role could Flash Drives have? We aren’t there yet though, and until we do get there and those questions are answered, having a USB nearby makes life so much easier.

I hope this article helped you pick the USB that was perfect for you – they are a versatile companion, after all, and should be carefully selected to show off exactly what kind of person you are and what your interests are all about!